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"Origin of Colorado Spirit Retreat"

I was a musician-performer who parlayed his abilities on the guitar and keyboard into an engineering degree. Eventually, I was the resident non-conformist in the war room ~ a senior staff engineer for Lockheed Martin. 
       Now, I am here.
A summary of that span of time might be approximated by a novelty song I enjoyed performing "First I was a hippie, then I was an engineer, and now I am a hippie again."


Judy and I raised two girls in this secluded and peaceful forest sanctuary that we call EASY MANOR. Here we grew together, found our hearts and the value of connecting with nature.
We credit the quiet stillness for the love, camaraderie, joyous laughter and peace of mind that is ours.  Shea and Tess are thriving elsewhere now, but pass thru of often.  It was inevitable that we would see that sharing Easy Manor is the only way to keep the music playing. 


A few years ago I was greeted by a man who emanated an energy so  intense that I felt his approach from 300 feet.  Among other things he said "My father always wants to know if you are looking after his children".


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