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Lizzie 01/2014-

"When we arrived there was a nervous excitement that had been looming over us the entire day. Ron was very hospitable and showed us around every detail. There was a familiarity to everything- as if we had been here before. What were we searching for? A break from noise, electronics, bosses, roommates, everything. The first hour or so we wondered what exactly we should do – weird to just be alone together without distraction. We settled into activities to pass the time- then it dawned on me the familiarity was, it was us, we were familiar- this place was familiar because it exposed just us. Hello old friend I have missed you dearly!"


Michelle 02/2014-

"What a special place this is. I escaped from “my world” to come here to study for a big exam. It was the perfect!! place to do so. Ron was so accommodating, even taking time out of his day to show me around Black Forest and his stories. My good friend recommended this retreat to me and I am so thankful. I will do the same to people I know who will appreciate this. I hope to be back very soon!"


Santiago 03/2014-

"Living here for a week was like living inside of a very large and cozy tree. Thank you Ron and everybody else who made it possible, you were so helpful you helped me feel right at home. I was very pleased with the experience overall."




Wendi 10/2014-

“My time at Easy Manor”

To Whomever is lucky enough to be reading this note:


"My belief is that whatever your intention is for your time at Colorado Spirit Retreat, your desires can be fulfilled. It is an extremely special & unique spot in the planet. You can have as much solitude & quiet as you wat or can wander the property and visit the barn and engage in conversation with Ron, Katie, Jay and whomever else is staying/working on the property.

The most lovely thing I found to be true is written on one of the beams of the workshop: “Here you will not be judged.”

Enjoy your time! The sunsets are spectacular and the feeling of peace is such a gift."


Brian, 06/2014-

What a valuable week this has been for me. Thank you so very much for providing this place and for making it so welcoming and conductive for solitude and soul searching. You have been such a  generous host. I appreciate the rides and am glad we had the chance to talk at some length yesterday. Clearly you have so much to offer those who cross your path. I’m honored to have been one of them.

Kate, 08/2014-

I just wanted to leave a little note expressing my deep gratitude to you and the work you do here. Behind every magical light, garden and quiet space is the heart and time you put into it. I am so thankful for my stay here. Although it was much too short, it brought me peace and rest. I pray a blessing over you, your beautiful land and every guest who enters here. I’m sure I will see you all again.

Dalene, 10/ 2014-

Leaving the “Odyssey” this morning was difficult. This little place in the forest and the environment of comfort and care you create together, draws a person into the heart….. All that really matters -  the theology of love and simplicity.
Being able to come back to the forest after a long day of lectures and socializing make a world of difference for me. My only regret was leaving the compound early today. May you be able to continue to offer this refuge for many years to come. Namaste.










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